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Targeted Attack Protection SaaS Defense

Safeguard your organization against account compromise and hidden threats in cloud-based file-storage apps.


SaaS Defense is a cloud SaaS security solution part of our Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) family of products. It identifies evidence of account compromise and detects malicious threats in SaaS applications. And it gives you immediate visibility into affected users.

Features and Benefits

Identify Risk of Cloud SaaS Security and Account Compromise

With SaaS Defense, you can identify unusual and potentially malicious account activity. This visibility can provide security teams with insight into potential account compromise and enable them to take steps to resolve the problem.

  • Identify at-risk or compromised accounts
  • View evidence of suspicious logins, such as too fast to travel, suspicious source, and more
  • Understand size and scope of user login threats

SaaS Security Ecosystem Infographic

Woman Using iPad Protected by SaaS Defense - Cloud SaaS Security

Detect Threats in SaaS File Stores

Protect your employees from threats commonly found in files stored in SaaS services.  SaaS Defense detects known and never before seen threats found in SaaS hosted files. It examines behavior, code and protocol in multiple stages through a combination of static and dynamic techniques. Sandbox analysis observes content, patterns, tactics, behaviors, and tools to make it easier to catch the next threat.

  • Detect known and unknown SaaS security threats in active SaaS files
  • Identify documents that contain malicious content, such as nested files and URLs
  • Supports apps such as Office 365, including OneDrive and SharePoint Online 

Pinpoint Users at Risk

Deep forensic analysis, correlation and threat intelligence provide data at the organizational, threat and user levels. See your top users at risk, based on suspicious login activity, email threats received and whether they clicked on malicious links in an email. This provides a prioritized list of your top at-risk users.

  • Review SaaS security and email risks and threats in one unified view
  • Gain insight into the top users at risk 
  • Prioritize your response to threats by risk across email and SaaS security threats

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