Proofpoint Launches Proofpoint Content Control™

Automated discovery and remediation solution identifies and enables corrective action on sensitive content across enterprise; reduces risk of data breaches and compliance violations

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – May 20, 2014 – Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading security-as-a-service provider, today announced the launch of new cloud-based solution for control of confidential, private, and regulated data. Proofpoint Content Control, in an easy-to-deploy and user-friendly addition to the industry-leading Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy suite, provides complete visibility and control over sensitive content such as customer records, patient information or credit card data across the enterprise.

“Users regularly generate sensitive or confidential information and store it in non-secure locations that violate corporate policy,” said Michael Osterman, founder and principal analyst with Osterman Research. “Doing so dramatically increases their organization’s risk of data breaches, whether accidental or intentional, and exposes it to significant regulatory compliance risks and/or violations. Organizations need a simple and continuous method of monitoring for sensitive content and addressing the violations."

In the last year, it is estimated that nearly 100 million records were exposed via data breachesi, including health records, passwords, and even the personal information of executives at the Federal Reserveii. Even well-known and secure high-tech and defense organizations have lost significant intellectual property and personally identifiable informationiii. Yet at the same time, employees must work remotely often or in shared workflow environments such as Sharepoint, so enterprises must have more information stored in more places than ever before – and thus are more exposed to an attacker in a breach. Proofpoint Content Control enables enterprises to rapidly identify and pinpoint the location of data that poses a risk for theft, loss or breach of regulatory compliance, and automates the remediation of these risks by moving or deleting the offending content, minimizing the attack surface and risk exposure.

“The uncontrolled proliferation of sensitive information onto unmanaged end-user systems dramatically increases the risk of compliance violations, inadvertent data loss and theft from advanced targeted attacks,” said Darren Lee, general manager of information archiving and governance at Proofpoint. ”While virtually all organizations have policies that prohibit the unprotected storage of sensitive information on vulnerable end-user systems, the lack of robust, easy-to-use technology has hindered the effective implementation and enforcement of these policies. Proofpoint Content Control closes this gap in regulatory compliance and advanced threat protection by enabling organizations to quickly and easily locate and take action on sensitive content wherever it lives throughout the enterprise.”

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy and Proofpoint Content Control are available immediately. For more details about, please visit

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