Proofpoint Security and Compliance Suite for Office 365

Our solution provides the additional layer of advanced threat protection and compliance functionality that enterprises running Office 365 need to stop phishing attacks and comply with global regulations. This enables organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the benefits of Office 365 without sacrificing security or compliance across three crucial areas of exposure:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Proofpoint Enterprise Protection™ and Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™ complement Microsoft® Office 365™ email security measures by protecting high value data from targeted spear-phishing attacks and zero-day malware.
  • Global Compliance: Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy™ provides global regulatory Office 365 security compliance functionality that automatically and accurately identifies a wide range of sensitive data including credit card numbers, government IDs and health care records.
  • Comprehensive eDiscovery: Proofpoint Enterprise Archive™ enhances legal discovery with rapid search insight, legal hold capabilities and granular retention policies. Proofpoint eDiscovery also covers social network content and non-Microsoft document types.

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