Proofpoint Security Suite Innovations Provide Full Lifecycle Defense Against Advanced Threats

Advancements block more threats, detect new threats faster, automate response and reduce attack impact

SUNNYVALE, Calif., – January 26, 2015 – Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading next-generation security and compliance company, today announced the release of several enhancements to the Proofpoint portfolio of industry-leading security solutions for blocking email-borne attacks, detecting new advanced threats, automating incident response, and reducing the impact of potential breaches.  

Built based on insight from cybersecurity professionals, the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite, Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection, Proofpoint Threat Response and Proofpoint Content Control solutions feature updates that address shortcomings of traditional security solutions. Today’s advanced threats are increasingly bypassing legacy defenses and overwhelming incident response teams.

“A single-function security solution is not going to solve a multi-vector problem,” said Christian Christiansen, IDC vice president of Security Products and Services for industry analyst firm IDC. “Proofpoint’s multi-vector security approach matches the rapidly evolving pace of advanced threats.”

Email is the top route for attackers—and it continues to be a critical business service. The Proofpoint security suite solutions detect and manage advanced email-borne threats, provide security for sensitive data, and accelerate the identification and containment of new threats. Top enhancements include:

  • Stopping more advanced threats: Delivered through the cloud-based Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite 8.0, organizations of all sizes have access to industry-leading inbound and outbound email security. This suite accurately classifies and blocks threats, while leveraging phishing detection, anti-spam and antivirus technologies. Critical new capabilities include the addition of business continuity functionality to ensure uninterrupted secure email access in the event of a disaster or security breach.
  • Detecting advanced threats faster with actionable intelligence: Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection detects phishing and web compromise attacks and provides organizations with actionable intelligence to quickly respond. Backed by continuous big data analysis of billions of data points, Proofpoint provides detailed information into campaign type, targeted users and potentially infected systems. Armed with this information, organizations can identify and manage new threats before they lead to data breaches and destructive compromises.
  • Automating incident response, accelerating threat remediation: Proofpoint Threat Response provides users with an open, extensible platform that automates incident response and the incident management lifecycle.

Improving security alert response time from hours to seconds, Proofpoint Threat Response delivers consistent information to users and streamlines collaboration and workflow. Alerts are automatically integrated across multiple security solutions such as those from Proofpoint, FireEye, Palo Alto Networks and Splunk. This solution enables users to investigate, verify, prioritize and contain today’s advanced threats.

  • Reducing the impact of data breaches caused by advanced threats: The easy-to-deploy, user-friendly Proofpoint Content Control 2.0 solution delivers enhanced visibility and control over sensitive content. Through contextual data intelligence, privacy and security teams can effectively identify and manage information with PCI, HIPAA and FINRA regulated content and other high value information. Violations can be quarantined, copied or deleted to reduce the attack surface and potential impact of a data breach.

Proofpoint security suite solutions meet the needs of every enterprise deployment strategy—cloud-based, hybrid on-demand and on-premises installations. For more information on Proofpoint security suite solutions, please visit

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