Analyst Report

Protecting Against Identity-Based Attacks in State and Local Governments: IDC Spotlight

Cyber attacks on state and local governments are on the rise. Last year, 56% of U.S. government agencies experienced a ransomware attack or reported “being under constant attack.” Yet, networks, systems and applications have all become more secure in recent years, so why hasn’t this stopped cyber criminals? Because they are using advanced identity-based attacks to target people and steal their credentials.

Recently, Proofpoint partnered with IDC Research to learn how cyber criminals are exploiting identity in state and local governments—and what these agencies can do about it. Download the report to learn:

  • Where agencies plan to invest their security budgets moving forward
  • Why identity is a major threat vector in the industry
  • The unexpected factors that make protecting the identity perimeter a challenge for government agencies
  • Tips for combining security tools, processes and best practices to protect identities

Download your copy now.