Analyst Report

Why Archiving All Electronic is Critical

Electronic content archiving – the process of capturing, indexing and placing data into storage for later search and retrieval – has been a best practice for many years, particularly in industries that are more heavily regulated, such as financial services, energy, life sciences, healthcare, and government.

To realize the benefits of next-generation archiving, organizations should implement a solution that captures all of an organization’s relevant business records in not just email but also files, text messages, social media platforms, collaboration platforms, mobile devices, voicemails and anywhere else these records might be found. It also requires the establishment of good information policies, processes and practices. It requires a highly scalable archiving solution that includes robust analytics to enable the extraction of insight and intelligence from the archived data.

Download the Osterman white paper and learn about:

  • How an archiving solution can be used for both defensive purposes and as a proactive tool to glean insight and intelligence about an organization’s operations
  • How to use them to detect problems before they turn into big problems
  • Best practices on moving forward with next generation archiving