Data Sheet

Emerging Threats Intelligence

Today’s advanced attacks are launched with increasing frequency by cyber criminals who have many different motives. Some focus on making a profit, and some engage in espionage. The tools they use in these attacks have things in common. But each campaign uses botnets, proxies, attack vectors, and command and control systems in a unique way. This makes it nearly impossible to keep pace with changes in the threat landscape.

Key Benefits

  • Stay on top of the dynamic threat landscape with daily rule updates
  • Block attacks and campaigns before they do harm
  • Increase the ROI of your network security with a simple and easy-to-consume malware-focused ruleset
  • Adopt a proactive security posture based on real intelligence
  • Ensure your prevention devices are performing as they should by looking for indicators of post-compromise activity
  • Enrich existing log data with a global perspective on suspicious IP addresses and domains
  • Enforce security policies based on threat categories that matter to you

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