Inbound, Outbound and All Around: 10 Reasons Why Proofpoint Is a Leading Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) Solution

Many businesses are turning to API-based solutions to quickly plug the holes in their Microsoft 365 email gateway security. Unfortunately, many of these solutions let inbound threats through. They can’t scan outbound messages. And they don’t have what it takes to be an all-around security partner. That’s why so many Microsoft customers overwhelmingly choose Proofpoint Inline+API when they are looking to augment their email security.

If you’re looking for an API-based solution, this e-book provides the biggest reasons why you should choose Proofpoint. We offer:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive threat intel gathered from more than 200,000 organizations and more than 150 internet service providers worldwide
  • Multilayered detection, including behavioral AI- and ML-based threat detection engines that are trained by trillions of data points
  • Protection from sophisticated social engineering threats
  • Robust post-delivery protection

Download the e-book to learn more.