Secure your Microsoft 365 Deployment 10 Reasons Organizations Choose Proofpoint

Organizations are moving to the cloud and must support today's remote and distributed workforce. For many, Microsoft 365 is a whole new way of doing business—one that requires a whole new approach to security and compliance. Learn why Microsoft 365 customers are turning to Proofpoint through our e-book, Securing Microsoft 365. You'll learn:

  • How to reduce your average email attachment analysis time to less than three minutes
  • Why you need to manage cloud threats, shadow IT and governing cloud and third-party OAuth apps
  • When to trigger access controls to stop Microsoft 365 accounts takeovers
  • How unified DLP policies across email and the cloud can help take the headaches out of compliance
  • Ways to get archive search results in 20 seconds or less—not minutes or hours
  • The role of security training in protecting Microsoft 365 deployments