Stop Email Fraud Scams

Get our Complete Guide to Stopping Business Email Compromise, Email Account Compromise and Today’s Biggest Impostor Threats

Whether they result in fraudulent wire transfers, misdirected payments, diverted payrolls, supply-chain fraud or exposed personal data, business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) are growing. BEC and EAC attacks subvert human trust and imperfect financial controls—not technical vulnerabilities—to bilk victims. And they’re hard to stop, especially with conventional email defenses aimed at blocking attachments and URLs. Download our guide to learn how BEC and EAC attacks work—and how you can stop them. You’ll discover:

  • The similarities and key differences between BEC and EAC
  • Common spoofing and account takeover tactics
  • Why no single approach can stop all BEC and EAC attacks
  • What to look for in an BEC/EAC solution