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Archiving and Compliance

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The pulse of your business beats digitally. Your employee collaboration, client communications, and promotion and advertisement all flow through digital channels. This includes messaging platforms, cloud-based file sharing, social media and more. And it’s critical that you supervise and retain this content according to regulations. You also need the ability to search retained content during litigation and audits. If you’re like many organizations, limited resources make it difficult to identify, supervise, retain and search all your digital content. With Proofpoint Archive and Compliance, you get end-to-end compliance coverage. This includes capture, storage, supervision, e-discovery and proof of compliance.

Key benefits:

  • Deliver electronic communications from a variety of sources to your archive at scale

  • Supervise communications efficiently within your network and on third-party platforms

  • Discover relevant information for litigation and audits

  • Retain communications in a secure, accessible and compliant archive

  • Provide proof of compliance

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