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Enterprise Archive

Enterprise Archive is a FedRAMP authorized, cloud-based email archiving solution. It provides a central, searchable repository to help your federal agency:

  • Simplify legal discovery
  • Respond to FOIA requests
  • Implement email records management according to NARA Capstone guidance

Key Benefits

  • Enforce retention policies automatically
  • Manage data preservation efficiently and with full transparency
  • Refine search strategies and instantly respond to FOIA requests
  • Save time by automatically exporting content in PST, CSV, Relativity or EDRM XML formats
  • Monitor, review and manage employee messages with intelligent supervision

Keep Up with Compliance and Discovery Features

Enterprise Archive is designed with the features, security and performance you need. It enables you to meet the standards required for records management and discovery readiness for both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 (Office 365).

Easy-to-enforce retention policies

Enterprise Archive helps you create and maintain information retention policies. And more important, you can consistently enforce them, with automatic enforcement that’s based on configurable rules. When data has reached the end of its retention period, you can quickly purge it. And every policy change and disposition action is tracked. This gives you a truly defensible disposition process.

Fully automated legal hold processes

With Enterprise Archive, your litigation hold process is simple and fully automated. Your legal team can instantly preserve data in legal holds beyond their assigned retention periods. And you can assign access to search exclusively within data that’s assigned to a hold. What’s more, our easy-to-use interface provides you with full reporting and an audit trail. With these unique features, you get more efficiency and transparency in managing data-preservation requirements.

Fast access for early case insight

Enterprise Archive has high-performance search features that give you insights to help you refine discovery strategies and respond to FOIA requests. Your legal team can easily search in near real time across email and within more than 500 types of attachments.

This instant access to data greatly reduces the time and cost of collecting, filtering and searching data collected throu

Fast self-service export

With Enterprise Archive, your legal team benefits too. They can quickly export large volumes of relevant content in PST, CSV, Relativity or EDRM XML formats—without professional services fees. The system can also automatically upload the results to third-party service providers. This helps you to avoid delays and questions about compromised chain of custody.

Intelligent supervision for employee monitoring

Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision is built on top of Enterprise Archive. This allows your staff to systematically review messages. You can select content for review—either as potential policy violations or through a random sampling process. And then it’s automatically routed to the users who are authorized to act on it. Intelligent Supervision also provides you with reports that help you manage the review process and keep you ready for audits.

Search performance guarantee

Our search performance is guaranteed. This ensures you have reliable access to archived data in seconds. Unlike on-premises solutions that experience performance degradations and require continual hardware upgrades as the data store grows, Enterprise Archive delivers scalability on demand. Our grid storage architecture and parallel search technology provide you with real-time search performance. So you have always access to your data, regardless of how large your archive grows or how complex your searches get.

The most secure archive in the industry

Available as an option, we can also ensure the data leaving your site is always encrypted, using our patented DoubleBlind Key Architecture. This gives you uncompromised data security. We make sure your information is protected both in transit from your environment and while under management within our cloud infrastructure. And data is encrypted with an encryption key that is unique to you. You can also manage the encryption key for full control over who can access your data within the archive.

Delivered as a Fully Managed Service

We provide you with more than just a breakthrough approach. We have unique operational and security practices that are SSAE-16 certified. Combined, they give you complete data privacy and uncompromised security. And our certification isn’t just for our physical facilities, but for the service itself. This includes our global data centers and a world-class support and operations infrastructure that can proactively identify issues and take action. And in many cases before you’re aware of the problem. Also, our market-leading customer renewal rates and customer satisfaction ratings reflect our responsive, seamless customer experience.

  • Certification:  SSAE-16 Type II, FedRAMP
  • Contract Vehicles: GSA 70, GSA 36, SEWP

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