Solution Brief

Seven Ways to Defend Against Business Email Compromise and Email Account Compromise with Proofpoint

Email fraud comprises two main threats:

  • Business email compromise (BEC), in which attackers pretend to be you
  • Email account compromise (EAC), in which attackers essentially become you

BEC and EAC are complex, multi-faceted problems. Attackers use a wide variety of tactics and channels to conduct these types of attacks. They target your employees’ corporate and personal email, cloud apps and even your supply chain.

Key Benefits

  • Detect and stop BEC/EAC attacks by addressing all attack tactics.
  • Accelerate threat response and save time by automating detection and remediation.
  • Reduce exposure by educating end users to identify deception tactics.
  • Improve security and operational effectiveness with an integrated, end-to-end solution.
  • Get visibility into the human attack surface, so you can deploy adaptive controls such as isolation and security awareness training.

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