Threat Report

The Human Factor Report

Cyber criminals continue to refine techniques that target people rather than infrastructure, with attacks that rely more on human interaction and less on automated exploits.

Based on data collected across our global customer base and analysis of more than 1 billion messages per day we found that

  • Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) aren’t usually VIPs – The most attacked people are often easily discovered identities or “targets of opportunity.”
  • Social engineering is pervasive, whether in rampant sextortion schemes, business email compromise (BEC), credential phishing, or other attacks that prey on human nature – and human error.
  • Domain fraud plays a key role in lending a sense of legitimacy to attacks.

Download our report to learn why more than 99% of the attacks we observe require human interaction to succeed, resulting in malware installation, wire fraud, unwitting data disclosures, and more.