2022 Social Engineering Report: How Threat Actors Hijack Attention

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Recorded live on October 27, 2022

Through 2022, cyber criminals have continued successfully exploiting the human element to recognize financial gain, leaning heavily on social engineering tactics. This is unlikely to change any time soon. The most sophisticated criminal organizations have evolved to mirror legitimate businesses and as a result have scaled to become more resilient while also recognizing greater profits than ever before. 

Join Daniel Blackford and Selena Larson from Proofpoint’s Threat Research team for a special 45-minute webinar as they discuss key trends and behaviors in social engineering that highlight some common misconceptions people may have about how criminal or state actors engage with them, including:  

  • How threat actors may build trust with intended victims by holding extended conversations

  • How threat actors expand abuse of effective tactics such as using trusted companies’ services

  • How threat actors regularly leverage topical, timely, and socially relevant themes

  • How Threat actors leverage orthogonal technologies, such as the telephone, in their attack chain

  • How Threat actors know of and make use of existing conversation threads between colleagues