The 2024 Data Loss Landscape Report: Data Loss is a People Problem

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Recorded live on April 10, 2024

New and modern ways of working, cloud adoption, and emerging technologies like Generative AI challenge current approaches to data loss prevention and insider threats. Against this backdrop, we sought to understand whether current DLP and insider threat approaches were sufficient. The answer to this question is core to Proofpoint’s inaugural 2024 Data Loss Landscape Report. We surveyed 600 security professionals across 17 industries in 12 countries to gain insight into the current state of data loss and how to meet today’s challenges.

Join our 30-minute webinar to hear our experts discuss the key findings from the 2024 Data Loss Landscape Report and learn:

  • The severity of the data loss problem and its leading consequences
  • Who are the riskiest users and what concerns security teams the most
  • How cloud and SaaS apps challenge DLP programs
  • How the primary drivers of DLP programs have evolved
  • The key steps organizations can take to improve their DLP program

Download the Report

Download the report to see how current ​approaches to ​data loss prevention​ (DLP)​ ​and insider threats​ are holding up against ​current challenges with careless users, departing employees, and ​generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).