Better Decisions Faster: Empowering
Security Teams with PTIS

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Recorded live on Nov. 9th, 2021

Email is a critical threat vector for malicious activity including ransomware, fraud, credential phishing, and data theft. While strong systems can help security teams fight threats, what they really need to mount a robust “defense-in-depth” response is context and intelligence. 

For existing Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) customers, this webinar will demonstrate how our team of analysts and researchers can provide deep insight into email threats and improve your security posture with regular briefings, reporting, and the latest threat intelligence. 

Join us for a 30-minute conversation about the email threat landscape and see Proofpoint's Premium Threat Information Services (PTIS) in action.

In this session, we’ll share:

  • How Proofpoint’s Premium Threat Information Services provides you with a deeper understanding of the threat landscape, both within your industry and globally.
  • How you can get better visibility into specific threats and actors targeting your organization.
  • How you can make better decisions faster to mitigate the risks of malicious campaigns targeting your organization.
  • How analysis, context, and informed perspectives can fill in the gaps that SIEM feeds and automated tools cannot.