Closing Security Gaps in Office 365

Microsoft offers default security capabilities for all customers in Office 365. Regardless, security threats are still getting through these defenses. The use of third-party solutions can result in higher catch rates for spam, phishing, malware and other threats. Third-party solutions with true advanced capabilities also reduce the likelihood that more sophisticated threats – such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC). Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How BEC/EAC occurs and can be dangerous
  • What are the short comings of native Office 365 security capabilities
  • How Proofpoint email and cloud solutions can help you secure Office 365

*This session is eligible for CPE credits with ISC(2). To submit for CPE credits, visit https://go.proofpoint.com/webinars-submit-cpe-credit.

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