Cloud Security and Migration Part 2: Finding a Safe Passage for Finance Companies

Banks and credit unions are reevaluating their IT costs, agility, and security postures. This puts the cloud conversation front and center. One of the easiest ways banks have adopted cloud is by leveraging third-party SaaS applications, such as Microsoft 365 (Office 365). These solutions offer productivity. But at the same time, they present new channels of exploitation. This greatly increases the scope of potential threats.

Join Proofpoint experts for second of a two-part webisode series. We’ll help your bank understand the opportunities and challenges with O365 migrations and improve security for existing environments.

In this second episode, you’ll learn about some of the security implications and considerations in a post-migration O365 environment. We’ll also cover:

  • How to protect your environment, now that you’ve moved to O365
  • Shortcomings and limitations of O365 security and compliance capabilities
  • Best practices with mail flow to ensure proper protection
  • Compromised accounts
  • How to avoid issues such as ransomware infections and phishing attacks

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