Conduct e-Discovery Investigations Across
Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

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Enterprise collaboration platforms are being utilized more than ever in today’s virtual and returning workforce. Due to the increased usage of these platforms, stakeholders need to have visibility and the ability to review each unique component. Most importantly, organizations need to take proactive steps to create policies for a policy driven litigation readiness plan. That plan ensures that data is not only collected but can be reviewed and produced in a manner that satisfies their legal obligations, as well as business needs.

Join our experts for a 30-minute webinar. You’ll learn how organizations can adapt their investigative and e-Discovery practices to more effectively target Electronically Stored Information (ESI) stored in collaboration platforms. In this session, we’ll discuss: 

  • Legal access to the collaboration platform e.g. Teams or Slack and effectively conducting searches across multiple communication channels & users 
  • Managing and reviewing content for relevance, privilege, and/or confidentiality 
  • Exporting contextual evidence in a defensible format for discovery requests from; opposing counsel, the courts, or regulatory bodies