Cybersecurity Leadership Certification

Proofpoint Certified Ransomware Specialist

Course 1

Ransomware History and Evolution

The average organization last year spent almost $6 million dollars on ransomware. What used to be an annoyance locking individual machines and ransoms in the hundreds of dollars has shifted to “big game” hunting with much larger potential payouts.

In the first session, we will discuss: 

  • The evolution of ransomware
  • How ransomware attacks have changed 
  • Stories of real ransomware attacks 

Course 2

Today’s Ransomware Threat Landscape and the Need to Shift Left

Ransomware is an inherently people-centric problem, with more than 75% of today’s attacks originating from email or social engineering. Understanding how attackers are targeting your organization and who in your organization is at-risk can give you the upper hand in the fight against this increasingly dangerous threat.

In the second session, we will discuss: 

  • Why ransomware is a people-centric problem
  • How threat actors are executing ransomware attacks today 
  • How to get visibility into potential ransomware attacks

Course 3

Looking Forward: Prevent, Defend, and Respond to Ransomware

Protecting against future ransomware attacks requires a new approach. Taking a layered, integrated approach to threat and information protection, while also following other IT and security best practices can drastically reduce the risk and impact of a ransomware attack.

In the third and final session, Proofpoint experts walk you through detailed steps of: 

  • How to prevent initial infections 
  • How to stop discovery, persistence, and data exfiltration 
  • Best practices to mitigate risk and impact