Cybersecurity Leadership Certification


Cybersecurity Leadership Certification: Today’s Ransomware Threat Landscape & the Need to Shift Left

Missed the second live course? No worries! You may access the recording on-demand and pass your exam by July 1st to get certified!

Course 2 Title: Today's Ransomware Threat Landscape & the Need to Shift Left

Course 2 Description: Ransomware is an inherently people-centric problem, with more than 75% of today’s attacks originating from email or social engineering. Understanding how attackers are targeting your organization and who in your organization is at-risk can give you the upper hand in the fight against this increasingly dangerous threat. In the second of three courses, our Proofpoint expert will discuss: 

  • Why ransomware is a people-centric problem 
  • How threat actors are executing ransomware attacks today 
  • How to get visibility into potential ransomware attacks 

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