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Cybersecurity Leadership Certification: The Problem with Conventional Identity Threat Defense

You may access the recording on-demand and pass your exam by December 22nd, at 5pm PST to get certified!

Course 2 Title: The Problem with Conventional Identity Threat Defense

Course 2 Description:

Today, most organizations deploy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and/or Privilege Access Management (PAM) to authenticate users and manage their access to sensitive data. However, because of the volatility and ever-changing threat landscape, these privilege access and authentication solutions are not enough.

In our second course, we will dive into the vulnerabilities of this traditional MFA and PAM approach and why organizations must implement more controls to uncover attack paths and stop lateral movement.

Join us to learn about:

  • How attackers get access to highly privileged accounts in environments that leverage PAM 
  • How attackers get around MFA protections, from adversary-in-the-middle phishing to stale and service accounts 
  • How to address common implementation gaps of these tools