Defending the Human Layer in the Public Sector

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Human error has long been the preferred weak spot for cybercriminals to attack. As the threat landscape evolves, attacks increase in sophistication, and the attack surface expands, organizations should shift their focus to empowering and securing workforce identities. This will help in addressing immediate risks and foster a proactive culture of security awareness and resilience. These weak spots may come from an unaware employee falling victim to phishing or a novice developer using code possessing a known vulnerability. Despite advancements in security technologies, attacks that rely on human error are increasingly targeting government organizations.

Join us for a 1-hour discussion that will cover new threat intelligence research that can help public sector agencies better understand today’s advanced attacks. We will explore:

  • The prevalent cyberattacks experienced by the public sector
  • New research on where we have observed the threat landscape is the most active in public sector markets and where to prioritize your protection efforts
  • Best practices for a more robust cybersecurity posture

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