Define High-Risk Users in Your Insider Threat Management Program

Not all users are alike. Some will pose a higher risk to your organization than others. Managing insider threats starts with deciding which of your users pose the biggest risk when it comes to a potential incident or breach. The term “insider threat” is commonly associated with users who show malicious intent. But negligent or compromised users actually make up three-quarters of insider breaches, according to Ponemon Institute.

Join our ITM expert to learn four best practices around preventing common data loss and insider risk. These are things you can put into use today to better protect your organization.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Visibility into users moving between web, endpoint and USB
  • Preventing data loss to old-school but popular channels, such as USB devices
  • Who else is doing something out of policy (e.g., using out-of-policy applications)
  • Sharing evidence that is easily understandable

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