Ensuring that Your Users are the Solid Line of Defense Against Cyber Threats

Today’s most popular security tools focus on protecting the perimeter. But cyber criminals are no longer targeting infrastructure. They’re targeting humans. That’s why your employees and regulated users need to be at the center of building a robust cybersecurity strategy. But how do you go about this?

Join Proofpoint for a joint presentation with Osterman Research as we dive into some of the biggest challenges CISOs face. You’ll discover why a people-centric approach to security is the most effective way to protect your most valuable assets: your data and your people.

In this session, we'll share:

  • The latest research findings on new methods for solving security attacks, such as phishing and business email compromise (BEC)
  • Why cybersecurity transformation is critical for protecting your people against today's threats
  • What it means and looks like to have an effective people-centric approach

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