Federal Threat Briefing: Protecting the Human Element Using Threat Intelligence

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Recorded live on June 4, 2024

Threat actors use sophisticated techniques to target the federal government with ransomware attacks, impostor emails, phishing attacks, and other exploits. People have become the federal sector’s most prominent threat vector, and protecting the human element against the heightened volume of advanced threats is critical to building a robust security posture.

Join us for a live 30-minute threat briefing with our Threat Intelligence Services (PTIS) analyst Aron Salzman-Deiz and Garrett Guinivan, Staff Solutions Architect, US Federal team. We will discuss new threat intelligence research that can help federal customers understand how today’s threat actors are spoofing US government agencies for impostor attacks, financial fraud, and credential harvesting.

We will share:

  • Threat actors spoofing US government agencies
  • Best practices for email and network security
  • Recommendations to best protect your people with awareness and training materials


Aron Salzman-Deis

Threat Intelligence Specialist, Proofpoint

Aron Salzman-Deis is a former Air Force intelligence analyst with 3 years experience as a CTI analyst on the Proofpoint Threat Intelligence Services team. Aron loves researching Business Email Compromise (BEC) activity and hunting for unique threats for customers.

Garrett Guinivan

Staff Solutions Architect & Threat Analyst, Proofpoint

Garrett Guinivan specializes as an architect and analyst for the US Federal Sector, with previous experience as a threat intelligence consultant supporting federal and private sector customers. Before Proofpoint, he was a cyber threat intelligence analyst with government contractors supporting Army, Navy, and Energy Sector customers. Garrett also serves as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer in the Army Reserves and lives in the Leesburg, VA area.