Get Hands-On with Closed-Loop
Email Analysis and Response

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Email continues to be the #1 attack vector for cyber criminals. Security teams can train end users to identify and report suspicious email activity, but they still have to sift through those reported messages to identify and prioritize truly malicious emails, and then remediate them. 

Proofpoint's Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) reduces the time it takes to address potentially malicious emails from days to just minutes. Join our experts as we show how CLEAR stops active attacks in their tracks with just a click, and how your security team can save time and effort by automatically remediating malicious messages. In this 60-min session, we will go over: 

  • Configuring CLEAR in your environment 
  • Investigating messages that have been reported by end-users 
  • Taking action on incidents 
  • Giving feedback to users who report threats 
  • Reporting on the overall value of CLEAR