How to Protect and Govern Your Cloud with Proofpoint CASB

Whether you are just getting started with CASB or you are a cloud security authority, your practices need to address the fact that people are the new perimeter. With our people-centric approach to security, we build solutions from the ground up to protect people and their data in the cloud.

Join us for a live demo of Proofpoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and other cloud security products and we’ll show you:

  • Threat protection and access control policies built on people-centric threat intelligence
  • Tracking of post-login suspicious activities including data manipulation, email forwarding and other actions
  • People-centric and threat-aware DLP policies and device-based data controls
  • Malicious third-party apps detection and controls
  • IaaS protection, including cloud security posture management, suspicious admin activity alerts and more

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