How to Protect Your Organization from Today’s Advanced Cloud Threats

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Recorded live on April 20, 2023

Cloud threats are not new—but the way they target organizations today is advancing at an alarming pace. From distributing malicious OAuth apps via a verified publisher status on the Microsoft Partner Network to abusing thousands of whitelisted IP addresses owned by platforms like Amazon, Microsoft and Cloudflare, attackers are evolving and diversifying their techniques until they succeed.

Traditional security solutions are struggling to keep up with this evolution, leaving sensitive data more vulnerable than ever.

Join our 30-minute webinar with Eilon Bendet, a lead threat researcher at Proofpoint, to understand what it takes to fight back. We will explore:

  • How attackers exploit the trusted status of apps and infrastructures to lure users
  • Attacker objectives and the organizational consequence of successful cloud attacks
  • How to protect your organization