How to Navigate Insider Risk

We now live in a work-from-anywhere and data-is-everywhere world. This means security leaders are having to rethink their security programs. And they need to not only to manage the risk of external attacks, but also risks from within.

This webinar can help. Watch Proofpoint experts Brian Reed, cyber evangelist, and Sai Chavali, senior product marketing manager, as they address this topic. You’ll learn how a people-centric approach can help you strengthen your resilience and navigate insider risk.

We cover:

  • The 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions
  • The three main types of insider threat profiles and how to address each
  • How to deploy an insider threat management program comprising people, processes and technology

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Gartner. “Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions.” Jonathan Care, Brent Predovich, and Paul Furtado. December 2020.