Live Demo:

Identify & Mitigate Risk with
Proofpoint's Nexus People Risk Explorer

Innovation is critical in today's dynamic threat and risk landscapes, and effectively assessing the impact of risk on organizations can be challenging. Limited resources such as personnel, time, and budget make it increasingly difficult to proactively plan and implement an effective cybersecurity strategy. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to have a people-centric approach and platform to protect their users and reduce the risk of breach.  

Join our live demo as Proofpoint introduces our Nexus People Risk Explorer (NPRE), which provides a unified view of security risk to answer the main question: who represents risk to your company, and how can you effectively reduce risk? 

In this webinar, our experts will cover how NPRE: 

  • Identifies risky people who require further investigation and what factors put them at risk 
  • Evolves decisions about security controls 
  • Monitors risk and helps security teams plan security budget