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End-User Cybersecurity Behaviors: The Importance of Training Beyond the Phish

Phishing has long been a headline threat for infosec teams — but email is just one entry point for cybercriminals. Webinar attendees will learn why it’s important to assess and train their end users about cybersecurity threats beyond email-based social engineering.

During this session, we will share results from the Proofpoint Security Awareness Training 2018 Beyond the Phish® Report, which analyzes data from nearly 85 million responses to cybersecurity knowledge assessments and training challenges presented to global end users across multiple industries during 2017. We will discuss end users’ strengths and weaknesses across 12 cybersecurity topics — from identifying social engineering scams to protecting confidential information to working safely outside the office. We’ll also highlight variations in end-user knowledge levels across industries, giving you a benchmark against which to compare your organization’s readiness.

Attendees will also see how data insights from knowledge assessments and training activities differ from those related to simulated phishing attacks, and how using these tools together can give a more complete view of susceptibility. Finally, we’ll provide guidance about how to use this information to strengthen your end users and reduce the risk of successful cyberattacks within your organization.

Join our experts as we dive into the report and share best practices and pitfalls as we try to create a culture of security within our organizations and community.

Featured Presenters & Moderator:

Amy Baker, VP Marketing, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training
Victoria L. Thomas, Cybersecurity Awareness Leader, Fortune 500 Company
Mitch Parker, Executive Director InfoSec & Compliance, Indiana University Health
James McQuiggan, Product & Solution Security Officer, Siemens Gamesa (moderator)

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