Insider Threats and Hunting with the Enemy

Insider threats can come from current or former employees, contractors or partners with access to company systems or data. And they may use that access maliciously or unintentionally. But regardless of how—or where—they originate, these threats account for 60% of cyber attacks.

Insider threats are difficult to detect, and in many cases they can go unnoticed for months or years. In fact, detecting an internal threat is one of most difficult and ungrateful tasks for security teams in the organization.

Join this panel of security experts as they discuss hunting techniques and recommendations for safeguarding your enterprise against internal and external threats. They’ll address:

  • Why insider threats are so dangerous
  • Technical and human challenges
  • How to detect and prevent malicious insider activity
  • How to keep the biggest threats to your organization at bay


Shawn Fleury, director of risk management, The Crypsis Group

Gabe Gumbs, chief innovation officer, Spirion

Sai Chavali, senior product marketing manager, Proofpoint Insider Threat Management

Lisa Plaggemier, chief strategy officer, MediaPRO


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