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According to the newly-released 2021 Verizon 2021 DBIR report, human error is a driving factor in 85% of breaches1. Security awareness programs are usually comprised of activities like mock phishing and training, but it takes more than standard activities to drive behavior change. To advance their programs, administrators have to think about new ways of engaging users & stakeholders, changing behavior, and measuring success.

Join our 1-hour panel as we talk to Masha Arbisman, Behavioral Engineering Manager at Verizon Media, and Bernadette Pasteris, IT Security Training Analyst at Mount Royal University, about how they’ve taken their programs to the next level by:  

  • Thinking differently about user incentivization
  • Using behavioral psychology to engage their people
  • Getting internal buy-in and building advocacy groups
  • Measuring and sharing key outcomes of user behavior change

Verizon. "2021 Data Breach Investigations Report." 2021.