Pfizer’s approach on Insider Threat Management

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Recorded Live on September 29, 2022

Remote work, data growth, and employee turnover are creating risks of data loss and insider threats. In fact, according to the 2022 Ponemon Cost of Insider Threat Report, insider-led incidents have increased 44% over the past two years, making it imperative for organizations to be aware of the potential for insider threats. 

Pfizer, one of the largest global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, has been at the forefront of COVID vaccine development. Like any organization, Pfizer is not immune to insider threats and must protect its intellectual property from careless, malicious, or compromised users. 

Join us for a 30-minute webinar for insights and practical advice from Joe Sebastiani, Senior Manager, Insider Threat Program at Pfizer. Joe will share his perspective on: 

  • Approaches to insider threat management and its role in the broader security team 

  • The most important capabilities in an insider threat management solution

  • Balancing user productivity and security

  • Lessons learned and advice for organizations starting their insider threat management journey 

Featured Speaker

Joe Sebastiani

Member of Digital Forensics and Insider Threat team, Pfizer

Joe has been working in the Digital Forensics field for 12 years. The past 8 years, Joe has been a member of the Digital Forensics and Insider Threat team at Pfizer. Currently, Joe leads the Insider Risk Detection and Alerting team leveraging large data sets within the SIEM to identify potential insider threats that are triaged and investigated by the Investigations teams within the Digital Forensics and Insider Threat organization at Pfizer. Prior to Pfizer, Joe spent 4 years conducting Digital Forensic analysis in support of criminal investigations for multiple Federal Agencies. He graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Degree in Computer Forensics.