Web & Email Isolation: Why It Matters to Secure Your Organization and End Users

Threat actors are focused on penetrating your organization through advanced attacks on the very tools that your users employ on a daily basis: corporate email, web browsers, and personal webmail accounts. Just the simple act of visiting a compromised web page means that a user can become a victim of a targeted attack, thereby wreaking havoc on their corporate network. How can security and IT teams enable use of these critical tools for employee productivity, while at the same time ensuring the security of critical data, financial and other assets?

We will dive into a new report by Osterman Research: Why You Should Seriously Consider Web Isolation Technology. This report will answer these questions and more:

  • How do you enable a people-centric approach to email and browser security?
  • What are the benefits of isolation technology to safely enable employees’ personal browsing and webmail use?
  • What are the cost benefits of using isolation technology for URL exception handling?
  • How easy and quickly can isolation technology be implemented?  

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