Lessons Learned from State of the Phish

Closing the gap in user vulnerability

Wednesday, March 29 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

According to our latest research in the 2023 State of the Phish report, we found that while 98% of organizations had a security awareness program, only 56% trained all their employees. Additionally, only 35% of organizations conducted phishing simulations — down from 41% in 2021. So, this leads to an important question, where should leaders prioritize their security awareness efforts to close the gap in user vulnerability?

Join this 45-minute webinar as our panelists discuss:

  • Critical gaps in people’s security knowledge, behavior and beliefs that open organizations to risk
  • How to keep users engaged and change unsafe behavior
  • Ways to help users establish sustainable security habits that extend to their personal lives
  • Tips to address the discrepancy between security team and end users

Our panel includes two guest speakers, Steve McGrath from FM Global and Karina Edwards from Transamerica.