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Managing Proofpoint CASB
in the New Console

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Protecting user access and data is paramount. Modern information and cloud security requires a people-centric platform that is cloud-native, comprehensive and contextualized. Such a multi-channel security platform also requires a unified admin and response console. Proofpoint CASB has become a part of our unified console and has adopted its powerful management and analytics tools.

Join Dustin Hannifin, Information and Cloud Security Solutions Architect, as he discusses how you can enhance your CASB admin experience within the new console. In our 30-minute live demo, you’ll see first-hand how our customizable console can help you hunt threats and explore activities. You'll learn how to:

  • Use the platform’s analytics module for threat hunting and exploring CASB activities
  • Investigate suspicious login alerts for cloud apps federated by Okta
  • Manage admin privileges and ensure data privacy