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Protect Cloud Accounts with 
Proofpoint’s SASE-Ready CASB

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Recorded live on Dec. 14th, 2021

Organizations need real-time control over data movement and visibility into user behavior in cloud applications. A solid SASE or Security Services Edge (SSE) program should include a people-centric CASB to help you gain cloud app visibility, protect against cloud data loss and remediate cloud account compromises.

Join Proofpoint experts for a live demo to learn how Proofpoint CASB helps organizations achieve SSE best practices. In this 30-minute session, we'll show you how to:

  • Prevent cloud data loss by negligent, compromised or malicious users from your approved and tolerated cloud applications
  • Protect against cloud ransomware and other malware threats by preventing users from downloading malicious files
  • Chain your existing network tools for industry-leading cloud DLP capabilities
  • Automatically remediate account compromises in 7000+ Okta-federated cloud applications in near real-time