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Protect Your Office 365 Data
with Proofpoint CASB

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Microsoft offers many default security capabilities to all their customers in Office 365, but in an increasingly complex world, security threats of all types are still making it through these defenses.

Join our cloud security expert to learn how you can use Proofpoint CASB to detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals as well as help protect your data from negligent users, cloud threats, and risky apps.

In our 30-minute session, we will cover the top 5 Office 365 data security use cases and demonstrate how you can:

  • Discover files with sensitive data and mitigate excessive sharing of sensitive files
  • Detect and remediate data exfiltration post account takeover
  • Prevent data loss via Microsoft Teams messages
  • Control risky third-party OAuth apps
  • Control uploads/downloads from managed versus unmanaged apps