Measure What Matters: Tracking Behavior Change

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Recorded live on May 18, 2023

The most effective way to prove the impact of a security awareness program is to measure user behavior change. Getting the right metrics and communicating them to your CISOs and executives can help you gain leadership buy-in and prevent the frustration of restarting your program. However, only a few organizations are tracking behavioral metrics today. So, how can you ensure your program is changing user behavior?

Join this 30-minute webinar and hear best practices from fellow practitioner, Shaun Holmberg from Commercial Metals Company. In this session, you'll learn: 

  • Behavioral metrics that go beyond training completion
  • Importance of tracking user response to real-world threats
  • Tips to showcase positive behavior change when you’re reporting up

Featured Speaker

Shaun Holmberg

Information Security Analyst, Commercial Metals Company

Shaun Holmberg is an Information Security Analyst with Commercial Metals Company, a Texas-based multinational steel manufacturer that supports the backbone of modern infrastructure and structures. For the past six years, Shaun has supported CMC’s global cybersecurity awareness program and risk reporting. He is responsible for running monthly phishing simulations and reinforcing behavior change models through continuous education. After an early career in the US Army, Shaun has been in IT and Security for 20 years, with the past four years dedicated to Information Security and Security Awareness.