Is Microsoft 365 the Attackers' New Playground?

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Driven by Microsoft 365, digital transformation is remaking every aspect of modern business. Many organizations are moving to a 'cloud first' model, but security is often not invited to the table early enough. 

As businesses move to the cloud, particularly SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, there is a sense of loss of control - control of data and of the protection against the threats targeting users. Bad actors continue to target end users with advanced threats that can slip through gaps in your security infrastructure. 

Join us as we discuss how to leverage next-generation protection to ensure security for your employees on Microsoft 365. In this 30-minute session, we will examine: 

  • How you can get visibility into all threats targeting your organization 
  • Which threats that are evading your current defenses 
  • How best to block threats before they hit your employees’ inboxes 
  • How businesses have adopted a people-centric security model to communicate and reduce risk