Mitigating Insider Risk So Regulated Firms Can Stay Ahead

Financial services companies face some of the worst outcomes of insider risk. A recent benchmark study found that this sector experienced the highest average yearly cost of $14.5 million just to contain insider threats. That is a 20.3% increase from 2018. The root cause may be a sloppy user or third-party contractor. Or it could be an angry employee or a stolen login. One thing stands out—companies need visibility into insider threats. And a people-centric security approach can help businesses better manage risk.

In this webinar with our Resident CISO, John Checco and VP of Marketing for Insider Threat Management, Josh Epstein, we’ll explore how insider led breaches affect financial services and how to mitigate the risk. Join our session to learn:

  • The three main insider threat profiles and how to address each
  • Why insider threats are unique and require more context than other threats
  • How to reduce response time and costs by speeding up investigations

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