A People-Centric Approach to Managing Insider Threats

Insider threats are on the rise. According to McKinsey, over 50% of data breaches in the past year involved an insider, whether full-time employee, part-time contractor, or strategic business partner. Managing insider threats fundamentally requires a people-centric approach.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The key value propositions of Insider Threat Management (ITM) solutions: managing user risk, detecting insider-led data breaches, and accelerating incident response
  • The ITM tools that organizations can leverage to improve their risk posture and reduce the possibility of insider-led data loss—with real-life case studies to illustrate
  • The different types of insider threats, and how understanding the full context helps resolve incidents faster
  • Steps you can take to build your own successful ITM program

We will also cover actionable strategies to manage your organization's risk, including the value of a technology-enabled ITM program.   

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