Build a People-Centric Cybersecurity & Compliance Strategy for Financial Service

More than 99% of all targeted cyberattacks rely on users to activate them. Since financial services firms face some of the most stringent and complex regulations, it's even more crucial for organizations to mitigate cyber risks and streamline compliance.

It's becoming more and more evident that employees and regulated users need to be at the center of your strategy when building a robust cybersecurity approach in the era of highly sophisticated attacks. So how is that achieved?

Join Proofpoint as we examine some of the biggest challenges that CISOs face, and why a people-centric approach to security is necessary in today's financial services threat landscape. In this session, we'll share:

  • Why cybersecurity transformation is critical for the financial services sector
  • How to identify users who are most at risk of cyberattacks or cause the most compliance risk
  • How to mitigate the risk of adverse inferences and damaged reputations  

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