Proofpoint Track
Upstream Reconciliation

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Recorded live on April 21, 2022

Highly regulated verticals, such as financial services firms, actively monitor and surveil digital communications to ensure they meet FINRA and SEC compliance regulations. How do firms ensure accuracy so that what they have in their archive or data store is comprehensive?

The first of its kind in the industry, Proofpoint Track (version 2.16), can provide a complete audit trail and corroborate chain of custody for rules of evidence and forensics during litigation.

Join our experts to learn how Proofpoint Track is an assurance solution for customers who require the strictest levels of regulatory compliance around their messages and digital communications.

In this 30-minute session, we’ll discuss:

  • How captured communications are validated from the upstream source applications and received by downstream services
  • Flexible options for filtering and routing content to multiple geo destinations or lines of business with complex rules
  • How to demonstrate compliance and complete capture through reconciliation reports, source manifest and audit logs

*Proofpoint Track was rebranded from Proofpoint Compliance Gateway in July 2022