Protect Against Data Loss from Departing Employees on Unmanaged Devices

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Recorded live on November 2, 2022

Employees have been leaving their jobs, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, at an unprecedented rate during the past several years. As a result, 50% of CISOs globally state that the Great Resignation has made data protection more challenging, according to the 2022 Voice of the CISO report. At the same time, the State of the Phish report found that 74% of respondents say they use one or more of their own devices for work-related purposes. The boundaries between personal and professional have blurred. And the risk of data loss has increased. 

Learn how Proofpoint can help you quickly detect and respond to data exfiltration attempts by departing employees.  

In this 30-minute session, including a live demo, you will learn: 

  • The benefits of taking a people-centric approach to data loss from departing employees 

  • Ways to gain granular visibility into employee behavior before they leave the organization 

  • How to detect anomalous file activity by departing employees on cloud apps on unmanaged devices

  • Best practices to accelerate insider investigations in your program