Protect Your Data Against
Supply Chain Attacks with Proofpoint

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Supply chain attacks happen when a cybercriminal targets a vendor who has access to the valuable information of a larger organization or multiple organizations.  According to Accenture Security, indirect attacks against weak links in the supply chain now account for 40 percent of security breaches1. So how can companies detect these attacks and harden security defenses against them?   

Join Proofpoint experts for a 30-minute webinar on supply chain attacks and how to protect your organization from these attacks. In this session, they’ll explore: 

  • What is the SolarWinds/Solarigate campaign and ATP29 
  • How threat actors are living off the land with tools that exist in your environment to launch supply chain attacks 
  • How Proofpoint security products can help you defend against supply chain attacks 

 1 Accenture Security. “Third Annual State of Cyber Resilience. Innovate for Cyber Resilience.” January 2020.