Protecting Healthcare’s Supply Chain

In a recent survey, Proofpoint found that the average healthcare organization received about 200,000 emails from over 10,000 different domains. These included those belonging to research organizations, construction companies, grantors and foundations, and insurers. And this is in addition to classic supply chain participants. Of these clients, 98% received some email-based threat and 97% received threats from at least one of their suppliers’ domains through impersonation or business email compromise.

One trend stands out: Today’s attacks target people, not just infrastructure. The sheer volume and value of business done by email is an important reason for you to focus on protecting your supply chain. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the most critical issues impacting healthcare IT and security leaders today. And you’ll learn how you can better defend against these types of attacks.

We’ll share: 

  • A view into the current threat landscape 
  • The unique risks of the supply chain to patient safety
  • Security considerations and transformations for 2021

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