The $11.5 M Problem: Reducing Insider Threat Breaches & Accelerating Response

Insider Threats are a vector for risk and cost in any organization. According to recent research from Ponemon Institute, the average cost of Insider Threats has skyrocketed 31% in just two years to $11.45 million. By strengthening security programs, companies can reduce the impact and cost of Insider Threats, resulting in lower costs and faster investigation turnarounds.

Join us for this session as we uncover how to better detect, investigate, and respond to Insider Threats. We will examine:

  • Why Insider Threats cost so much—including the key cost centers
  • What makes managing insider threats so complex
  • How faster containment can lower costs
  • The importance of taking a proactive approach to investigations
  • The key roles of prevention, education, deterrence and user training

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